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Multimedia Design Computer Classroom (T0708)

This is a standard multimedia design lab for multimedia and animation courses such as digital graphic design, film editing and special effects, digital sound effects creation, film music creation, 3D modeling construction, and 3D animation creation, etc. It is equipped with:
(1) 66 high-level personal computers
(2) A4 graphic boards
(3) Computer teaching broadcasting system
(4) Digital projector and digital audio broadcasting system

Game Programming Computer Classroom (T0709)

This lab is for preliminary programming courses and the interactive game technology program such as visual programming, interactive media design, game programming practice, application of 3D game engine, etc. It is equipped with:
(1) 66 High-Level Personal Computers
(2) Computer Teaching Broadcasting System
(3) Digital Projector and Digital Audio Broadcasting System 

Multimedia Classroom (T0707)

This is a multimedia lecture theater for playing high quality videos and for multimedia and after effects courses such as film music practice, commercial films critique and analysis, basic film production, design aesthetics, and so on. It is equipped with :
(1) Digital E-Podium
(2) Digital Projector
(3) Theater System

Physical Game Lab (T0712A)
Physical game is the most promising field in the future development of the game industry and is also one of our six point development features. Therefore the lab is set up exclusively for the development and patent production of physical games. It is the biggest, best-equipped and the most productive lab in our department. On the other hand, the lab has a working area as the development platform for Apple Mac/iPhone games to develop smart phone games, the latest point development features. The lab is equipped with :
(1) Motion Capture System
(2) Huge Dual Axis Motion Platform 
(3) Huge Touch Screen
(4) VR Glove System
(5) VR Helmet System
(6) 3D Locating System
(7) Web Camera
(8) Sensor Application Modules for Small Sensors

Art Design Classroom (T0711)

The classroom is set up for cultivating the aesthetic literacy and skills required for game artists. The curriculum includes graphic design, character design, shooting script and camera language, creative thinking and design, etc. It is equipped with:

(1) Digital Projector 
(2) Sound System 
(3) Plaster Statues 
(4) Stands
(5) Models (objects, skeletons, muscles, guns, swords, robots)

Circular Interactive Entertainment Laboratory(T0704) 

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology is proud to be the first to present Circular Interactive Entertainment Laboratory, equipped with the latest technology. The lab provides students and faculty with a research and production platform and focus on key technologies such as real and virtual interface, experience simulation, emotion identification, and visual special effects.  With the aid of the interactive technology equipment provided by the laboratory, we focus on developing new Multimedia Based Attraction (MBA) and its associated technology and training experts of interactive entertainment multimedia. We hope to set the foundation for future movies, scenario games, and multimedia interactive education and enrich people’s recreational experience. We believe that our commitment is very meaningful to recreation, education, and the industry.

Game Test Lab (T0710A)
The lab is established to store the latest game products and enables students to do tests on new games. It is equipped with:
(1) 26 Inch High Quality Multimedia Video Game Seat
(3) Nintendo WII
(4) Microsoft X-BOX 360
(7) Hardware such wheels and joysticks
(8) Game Software

Online Game Lab (T0710B)
Online game is the mainstream of the current game industry, and is also the major field our graduates choose to work in. We have been sparing no effort in the education of online games developing and have seen great success in developing techniques. It is worth mentioning that we are the only department in Taiwan that takes the lead to launch a practice mechanism called Online Campus Internship Game. The lab is equipped with:
(1) Online Game Servers
(2) Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
(3) Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)
(4) 5 Workstations

Project Research Rooms (T0713)

The two research rooms offer students a place for discussion, meetings and doing projects. It is equipped with 40 high level PCs.

Digital Music Lab (T0702)

The lab is established for the Game Image After Effect Program to cultivate students’ professional skills such as recording, sound effects, dubbing, and background music and also supports courses like digital sound effects design, recording and dubbing, film music practice, and digital video creation, etc. The lab is equipped with :
(1) Computer recording/ arranging
(2) Devices for sound effects design and after effects

Graduate Research Room (T0703)
This classroom is set exclusively for the graduate program and also serves as the classroom for thesis oral defense and other examinations of all sorts. It is equipped with:
(1) Digital Projector
(2) Projector
(3) Sound system

Seminar Room (T0706)

The seminar room is established to offer a discussion area for project groups in response to a proactive move to promote industry-academic cooperation and special topics on practices. The room is equipped with:
(1) Digital Projector
(2) Conference Table